St Georges Cathedral

St George's Cathedral, St George's Terrace St George's Cathedral (Anglican) was designed in 1879 by architect Edmund Blacket and is an example of Victorian Gothic Revival.Edmund Blacket also designed the St Stephen's Church (Sydney), St Andrew's Cathedral (Sydney), St Mary's Cathedral (Sydney) and St Philip's Church (Sydney).

The church was built from local bricks, jarrah and limestone. The local bricks came from Queens Gardens and the stone was quarried at Rottnest Island. The blue-stone columns that support the Clerestory came from Victoria. 

St Georges Cathedral, St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia The Cathedral was opened and consecrated by Bishop Parry (second Bishop of Perth) on November 15th, 1888. The interior features a jarrah ceiling and memorials to Western Australian pioneers and people who served in the wars. The crenellated bell-tower designed by J. Talbot Hobbs was added in 1902 as a memorial to Queen Victoria.

The Memorial chapel was added in 1923 in honour of the men whom fought in World War I (1914-1918). The pulpit was carved in England from Caen stone and commemorates Sir Luke Leake (Treasurer and Benefactor).

For more information about St George's Cathedral visit the St George's Cathedral website.

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