Spring Is Here And So Are The Tulips


Tulips in Araluen

I know it is a little strange to be talking “tulips” and “Perth” in the same sentence, but yes we have them, thousands of them.  From Saturday 19th August – 25th September you can see over 140,000 stunning tulips blooming in Araluen Botanical Park.

If you have never ventured up to Araluen it is worth the drive, especially if you enjoy a picturesque setting and a little walk through nature . You might even be inspired to dust off the picnic set and make a day of it.

A little side note, Araluen Botanic Park and Canning Dam is only accessible via Croyden Road off Brookton Highway on weekends. During the tulip season it can get very busy but don’t let that put you off there is plenty of parking.

Araluen Botanical Park

The Araluen Botanical Park, nestled in the hills in the Canning Valley, was bought in 1929 by John Simmons. Simmons was a footie mad tragic , who believed Australian rules football was under threat by soccer, rugby and other non Australian sports.

The property  was perfect for outdoor activities. With in a few years there were log cabins and walking trails built.

When wandering through the park, take special note of all the stone work . The stones were taken from the Canning Dam building site. When the stones were blasted out, Simmons and the kids from the Young Australia League (YAL) collected them for the park.

When Simmons died in 1948 the park fell into disrepair. In 1985 it was sold to a private buyer but it was later sold  to the government in 1990.

Araluen Botanic Park Foundation

With the property in the government’s hands a plant loving volunteer group formed the Araluen Botanic Park Foundation. It was this group who restored the garden and planted the camelias, roses and tulips. And what a fine job they have done.

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