South Perth Flame Tree Vandalised

The notice

In June this year someone under the cover of darkness someone did a despicable act. With a chainsaw in hand they attempted to cut down a 70 year old London flame tree opposite the Mends Street Jetty. Sadly, the malicious work of the vandal was so bad the tree has now been cut down completely. All that remains is a stump.

The Flame Tree is part of Perth’s “Trees of Special Significance” program and can’t be removed, pruned or maintained with out permission from the council.


It has been suggested that the tree was taken to by a chainsaw because it was blocking the view. It isn’t the first time that the trees along the South Perth foreshore have been vandalised. Seriously! Just like Jacob’s Ladder, you buy the property knowing full well the situation.

Sad Memorial

The council have recently attached a sign to the sad looking stump hoping to shame the culprit. Personally, I would like to see a massive sculpture or totem pole put as a replacement for the South Perth Flame Tree.


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