Richard Roach Jewell

(c. 1810 -1891)

If there was anyone who has gone relatively unacknowledged in Perth's History it would have to be Colonial Architect, Richard Roach Jewell. Jewell's designs which can be found throughout Perth, have truly set the tone and feel for the city, yet very few know his name. Some of the most treasured buildings in Perth were designed by Jewell, such as the Barracks Arch , the Town Hall, Wesley Church, Old Courthouse and Gaol, Treasury Buildings, Old Masonic Lodge, The Cloisters , St Bartholomew's Chapel ,The Deanery, Hall of the Legislative Chamber and a section of Government House.

His focus was not only on buildings in the Metropolitan area, he was also responsible for the Police Quarters (Northam), Pilot's House (Albany), Lock-up (Busselton), Government House (Rottnest Island), Gaol (Toodyay), Courthouse (Roebourne) and even several Bridges over the Avon and Swan Rivers.

Richard Roach Jewell was born c.1910, in Barnstaple, North Devon, England. Prior to his arrival in Perth, Jewell was an architect and builder who had been employed as supervisor of construction for many important buildings in England. Some of those buildings were, the Military Prison (Gosport) and Churches in Cardiff, Bristol Horsley and Ayre. It is believed that Jewell also worked in the office of the famous architect, Sir Charles Barry, who designed Houses of Parliament at Westminister and who would later be a great influence on Jewell's designs.

In 1852 Jewell arrived in Western Australia as a settler and the following year he was appointed to the Colonial Works Department by Governor Fitzgerald and then later, Director of Public Works. Many of Jewell's buildings have an English Tudor influence and were inspired by such English buildings as St James' and Fulham Palace.

Jewell built his home, 'Belvedere',in Trafalgar Road, East Perth overlooking the river. Unfortunately the house was totally destroyed by a fire, taking with it many of Jewell's plans and private notes. On the 1st of June 1891, Jewell died and was buried at the East Perth Cemeteries , the location of one of his buildings, St Bartholomew's Chapel.

Designs of Richard Roach Jewell

Richard Roach Jewell, Barracks Arch, Perth Western AustraliaRichard Roach Jewell, The Cloisters, Perth Western Australia

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