Public Art of Perth

Unidentified Photographer


Public Art of Perth, Unidentified Photographer, St Georges Terrace, Perth Wsetern Australia, Greg James

The life size bronze figure of the "Unidentified Photographer" is located at the top of St George's Terrace next to the Barracks Arch. The bronze was created by Anne Neil in collaboration with Greg James in 1996.

The statue looking down the Terrace is a reflection of times gone by and an acknowledgement of the people who helped shape the city and State. The modern dressed "unidentified Photographer" is holding a Box Brownie camera and photographic plates whilst his Gladstone bag at his feet contains various trade tools symbolic of all the professionals who once worked on the Terrace. Click here for more information about the Unidentified Photographer.

Kangaroos in the City

Kangaroos in the City, St Georges Terrace, Perth Western Australia

The mob of bronze kangaroo sculptures, "Kangaroos in the City", that grace the footpath along St George's Terrace (outside the Supreme Court Gardens), were created by Joan Walsh-Smith and Charles Smith for the City of Perth in 1997. Weighing between 850-1000 kilos each, these unique sculptures, representing Australia's most beloved animal, stand quietly alert in the busy city landscape, delighting tourists and locals alike. Click Here for more information about Kangaroos in the City .

Percy Button

Percy Button, Hay Street Mall, Perth Western Australia

The twelve metre high aerial sculpture of tightrope walker, Percy Button, was created by Adrian Jones, who was commissioned in 1996 to create works reflecting the Hay Street Mall's colourful history. The subject matter, Percy Button, was a Perth street artist of the 1920's -40's who was well known for performing somersaults from a standing start. His entertaining street show delighted the public whom made their way to the theatres and cinema houses in the Hay Street Mall. His acts would attract large crowds who encouraged him by throwing him pennies. The aerial sculpture was removed in 2005 and replaced by a bronze handstanding Percy Buttons.

Lieutenant General JJ Talbott Hobbs Memorial

Lieutenant General JJ Talbott Hobbs Memorial, Riverside Drive, Perth, Western Australia

Quietly shaded under a small group of Canary Island palms along Riverside Drive is a 7m high memorial statue of Lieutenant General JJ Talbott Hobbs. The Memorial was the first memorial erected in Perth to commemorate of one of Australia’s most distinguished World War I soldiers and one of Western Australian's finest Architects. The 1.4m bronze bust was to be the first bronze statue of its kind to be cast in Western Australia (all casting has previously been done overseas). The statue was the work of sculptor Edward Kohler from a design by architect Alex Winning (of Hobbs & Winning). Click here for more about Sir JJ Talbott Hobbs Memorial

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