Public Art of Midland

The Public Art of Midland has increased substantially over the last decade thanks mainly to the local artists such as Kath Wheatley, Steve Tepper and Robert Juniper. Shying away from the more classic examples, like Pietro's war memorial, the town has focused on a more modern approach, reflecting Midland's growing development.

Memorial to Fallen Soldiers

Public Art Of Midland, Memorial to Fallen Soldiers, Midland, Western Australia

The monument outside the Midland Railway Workshop was erected by fellow employees in honour of the 70 fallen workshop comrades who died during World War I. The 'Memorial to Fallen Soldiers' was unveiled in 1925 and was created by Pietro Giacomo Porcelli . The memorial was designed to symbolise peace and is quite unique, as female figures are rarely used or represented in Australian war memorials. The bronze female figure wearing a laurel crown, stands with her left foot on a sword and holds a palm leaf held in her left hand. Of the 400 employees of the workshop, stores and offices who enlisted in the war, 70 did not return. Click here for more information about the Midland's Memorial to Fallen Soldiers.

Spit, Trickle, Spurt, Squirt and Flow

Public Art Of Midland, Spit, trickle, spurt, squirt and flow fountain, Midland, Western Australia

The fountain, so aptly named 'Spit, Trickle, Spurt, Squirt and Flow', is located in the gardens of the Australian Opera Studio (former Midland School Buildings) on Great Eastern Highway. The fountain features a series of aluminium and bronze plant sculptures sprouting from its base. The artwork was created in 2003 by WA artist Steve Tepper. Click here for more information about the Midland's 'Spit, Trickle, Spurt, Squirt and Flow'.

Tree Forms

Tree Forms, Robert Juniper, Midland, Western Australia

'Tree Forms' was created by local Western Australian artist Robert Juniper and can be found in Tuohy Gardens. Click here for more information about the Midland's Tree Forms Sculpture.

Two Friends

Public Art Of Midland,Two Friends Sculpture, Kath Wheatley, Midland, Western Australia

The 'Two Friends' sculpture can be found along Great Eastern Highway opposite the Junction Hotel. The 'Two Friends' are quietly shaded under a White Gum tree. The Steel sculpture was made from new and recycled steel and is just one of many Kath Wheatley creations found through out the town . Click here for more information about the Midland's Two Friends.

Gabby The Traveller

Public Art Of Midland, Gabby The Traveller, sculture, Kath Wheatley, Midland, Western Australia

'Gabby the Traveller' stands at the intersection (round-about)of Clayton St and Yelverton Drive in Midland, right outside the Midland Railway Workshops. This is another creation of local artist Kath Wheatley. Click here for more information about the Midland's Gabby The traveller.

A Junction In Time

Public Art Of Midland, A Junction In Time, Sculpture, Nicholas Compton, Midland, Western Australia

"A Junction In Time" sculpture was created by artist Nicholas Compton in 1995, as part of the Midland Centennial celebrations. The "railway" themed sculpture was commissioned by the local government through sponsorship from the Shire of Swan, Midland Brick, the Department of Land Administration and the Midland Centennial Committee. The sculpture also features a time capsule which has contributions from the children of Midland Primary School. Click here for more information about the Midland's A Junction in Time.

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