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Mundaring is located 32 km east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway, high on the Darling escarpment.

Brief History of Mundaring

The first European to explore the area was nineteen year old Lieutenant Dale in 1829. It is believed Dale named the Helena River after his sister Helen.

In 1831 , following his exploration,  a section of land was granted to Government Botanist James Drummond along the Helena river.  Drummond eventually abandoned the property choosing rather to settle in Toodyay .


The first true settler of the area was Peter Gugeri who established a vineyard near the Eastern Railway line in 1882. Mr Gueri was originally from England but spent a great deal of time in Italy learning about the wine industry. He travelled to Australia in 1871 and eventually found himself in Western Australia.

Mr Gueri rented a vineyard along the Swan River and set up his own business as a wine and spirit merchant located in Hay Street (opposite the Town Hall). Mr Gugeri was indeed a busy man, becoming a Justice of the Peace, one of the founders of the Perth Yacht club, a member of the Education Board and a Perth City Councillor.

The first Mundaring railway siding was named in his honour and the area became known as Gueris. With in a few years, others began settling in the area.

One person in particular had a great influence on the area, M.H. Jacoby. Jacoby took over Gueris’s vineyard in 1893 and eventually set up the “Mundaring Vineyard Company”. The name “Mundaring” (Mundahring) came from an Aboriginal camp located in the area and it means ” a high place on a high place”.

In 1894 the Gugeri siding was renamed “Mundaring” and when the new station was built in 1898 it retained the name. The same year the townsite was officially declared Mundaring. The area was renown for its orchards, vineyards and the C.Y.O’Connor’s famous weir.

Interesting Facts About Mundaring

The Mundaring Weir Hotel is believed to be haunted by a ghost known as “Paddy”. Paddy was rumoured to have been killed whilst working on the C.Y. O’Connor goldfield pipeline. The staff usually know when Paddy is around because beer glasses begin to smash and/or electrical appliances go on by themselves. A female ghost has also been sighted in the new units behind the hotel, but as of yet no one knows her name.

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