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Guildford Gaol Complex

Guildford Gaol Complex

Guildford Gaol Complex

In 1840 Guildford was becoming quite a little town, which already boasted three licensed Public Houses. It soon became clear that a gaol was essential to contain the drunks, brawlers and riff raff who were making things unpleasant for the locals.

The Swan Resident Magistrate requested an urgent construction of a gaol. The Governor granted his request for a complex consisting of two cells, a constable’s room and a set of stocks. Within a year local builder John Welbourne had completed the task for a cost of £80 . Interestingly, following the completion of the gaol, Mr Welbourne quit his job as a builder to become the new Police Constable in charge of the gaol.

In 1855 alterations were made to the original building. Another set of cells were also built but were later demolished in the 1920’s.

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