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East Perth

Brief History

Claisebrook Clove

East Perth is a precinct of the City of Perth. East Perth was originally chosen as the perfect location for the Swan River Colony’s cemetery. Situated high on a hill it was far enough away from the settlement to avoid potential disease outbreaks but not far enough away that the locals couldn’t attend the burials.

The area eventually expanded and became known for its warehouses and light industry, as it was conveniently close to the Central Business District. It seemed like the perfect location to place both the Perth Power Station and Gas Works. As a result the area became an unfavourable area for residential development, even though it was so close to the city.

Interesting Facts About East Perth

East Perth Power Station
East Perth Power Station

The East Perth Power Station supplied electricity to the metropolitan area of Perth from 1916-1951.

Queens Gardens was once the major brickworks for Perth and many of those bricks  were used to construct prominent buildings in Perth such as the Barrack Arch.

The park bench that featured in the Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant movie, Notting Hill, was donated to the City of Perth and now sits in Queens Gardens.

In 1829 the East Perth Cemeteries became the Swan River Colony’s main burial grounds, on what was to become known as Cemetery Hill. Many prominent settlers were buried in these grounds including John Septimus Roe (Colonial Surveyor), Joseph Hardey (Tranby House), Sir Luke Samuel Leake (Treasurer and Benefactor of St George’s Cathedral) and Richard Roach Jewell (Colonial Architect).

If you wander around the sculpture ‘Impossible Triangle’, at the East Parade round-about, you will eventually find a position where the seemingly odd shaped design will form a perfect triangle.

Things Are Looking Up In East Perth

No. 6 Electricity Substation

During the late 1990’s developers saw the potential for residential housing in the East Perth area. Placed in the hands of the East Perth Redevelopment Authority they successfully turned the somewhat rundown area into a up-market community, now known as the Claisebrook Village.

Many of the old warehouses around the area have also been converted to either offices or residential premises, creating a complimentary blend of old and new architecture. To find out more, visit the Architecture of East Perth.

Public Art of East Perth

There is a strange mix of artwork found throughout East Perth. From the Peter Pan Statue in Queens Park to the 13.5m Impossible Triangle that sits at the centre of the round-about on East Parade. In 1999, East Perth (Claisebrook Village) won a Civic Design Award for its public art. If you would like to know more, click here for the Public Art of East Perth.

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