Perth Optus Stadium Grand Opening


Were you one of the lucky 100,000 69,000 to have a peep at Perth’s new state-of-the-art Optus stadium? I was and I cycled in. I know, right?

It was great to see it finally open but sad to see that bridge no nearer to completion. Here are few of my Pros and Cons from the grand opening.


The Optus Stadium

Optus Stadium

I love the views you get from just about every seat of Optus Stadium. Other than a few dodgy seats the majority have clear views of the centre action.

The tiers aren’t as scary to manage, especially high up on level 5. You only notice the enormity of the stadium when you realise the digital screens are the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. They didn’t look that big from level 5. But I was on the top tier!!! So yes, very impressive.

The sound system was amazing inside the actual stadium. I listened on each level and it was clear and not at all overpowering. I have fingers crossed that this is the sound I will be experiencing at an actual live concert. Also see sound cons


I am always a fan of trains, planes, automobiles, buses, cycles and foot army so when that “bridge” is finally completed it will give the people of Perth quite a few transport options.

The Stadium train station seemed to cope with the steady flow of people. It will be interesting to see if it can maintain that during major events that aren’t staggered.

If a Stegway company is smart, they  might want to be hiring them for fans travelling to and from East Perth Railway station or Casino….just saying. Also see transport cons

Outdoor Facilities

Optus Stadium lifesavers

OK, I am not a cyclist by any means but I did ride in to avoid the predicted crowds. It was so easy to find a bike rack. Plus they were designed not to scratch my pristine pride and joy.

There is plenty of grassed areas ourside the venue for pop ups and pre event acts.  This should be utilized to solve the mass traffic congestion.

Loved/Loled at the two lifesavers ready to pluck some unfortunate from the little  pond/lake that wraps itself around the children’s playground.


Optus Stadium

Even though I thought the sound inside the actual stadium was amazing I can’t say the same for the sound in the corridors. It was muffled and irritating. .There needs to be a decent PA system or filter for those going to their seats or waiting for food or in case of an emergency.

I went a little Nanny State when I saw how low the perspex glass was on level 5. I was thinking one little crowd surge could see someone topple to level 4.

Food gripes. I know, I know, people got to make money BUT surely some things should be exempt from price hikes, like WATER. It’s a basic necessity. Surely a few water coolers wouldn’t be too much to ask.

I can’t lie, I have been an enormous fan of vending machines for over 30 years. Having lived in Japan, I still can’t understand why we havent got a few state of the art vending machines in every nook and cranny. Hot chocolate, coffee and tea in cans has been a staple in Japan for decades. Environmentally not that friendly, but they could provide recycling bins. This would reduce queues at the food revenues and be a win/win for everyone.


Soapbox time. The one thing I think would make the Optus Stadium pop, is a great ferry service. I can’t believe this wouldn’t have been fore front in the Government’s planning. Sydney have a great little ferry service to Luna Park. We have two ferry ports, East Perth Cove and Elizabeth Quay. A ferry service would be a great option for visitors, taking them from one tourist precint to another. I would even like to see a ferry service to include Ku DeTa and Swan Brewery. It would be a great option,  especially at night. With a little bit of thought the river could be brought to life.  I would love to see some of our public art along the river illuminated. Or hey, create some more.

If I have missed anything or you have something to add please feel free to add a comment.

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