Perth Cops a Deluge

South Perth

Will it or won’t it bucket down was the question on everybody’s lips this week. Depending on what weather forecast you read, it was either going to be a 30mm drop or a 110mm downpour. Well, it was closer to the later, with some suburbs copping a deluge, Swanbourne and Bickley scored 139mm while Rottnest was drenched with 142mm. Cyclone Joyce’s gift was much appreciated, though I suspect some councils will be working overtime to drain the swamps (so to speak).

Today’s walk around the river saw children and dogs dancing in the puddles. Even the spiders were enjoying the unusal seasonal rain.

Big Splash Dolphin Art Trail

If you happen to be strolling around the Swan in the next few weeks, there is a The Big Splash Dolphin Art Trail currently on display. The brightly painted dolphins will eventually be auctioned off to help support adolescents at risk of self harm or suicide.




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