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Perth Architecture

Perth architecture consisted of canvas tents when the first settlers arrived. In fact there was ┬ánothing more than tents for the settlers to live in. However, it wasn’t long before construction of buildings and houses began.

Until the 1880’s Perth architecture in the town centre consisted mainly of small cottages, shops and small businesses. In fact the town centre of Perth had a rural atmosphere. It was really due to the discovery of gold in Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie in the 1890’s, that Perth began to expand in business & commerce. This put pressure on land in the town centre as more entrepreneurs began seeking commercial development properties. The result was most residential properties were pushed out of the central city area to make way for commercial development.

During the 1890’s to the early 1900’s the centre of Perth was practically rebuilt. While Western Australia was experiencing the gold boom other States of Australia were experiencing a depression. Many people including architects and businessmen from the Eastern States (especially Victoria) migrated to Western Australia seeking work. They had a great influence in the establishment of Perth.

Today the streets of the CBD have a unique mix of both old and new architecture. Interesting architectural areas of note can be found along, St Georges Terrace , Hay Street, Hay Street Mall , King Street, Murray Street, Murray Street Mall, Barrack Street, Victoria Square, Wellington Street, the Esplanade and Beaufort Street.

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