Pelicans on the Swan


One of the great delights when walking around the foreshore is seeing the Swan River pelicans. They are such majestic creatures. I often see them floating close to shore , keeping the local fishermen company. They don’t seem to mind plonking themselves amongst other birds, especially on the jetties that riddle the foreshore.

Just as the sun is about to set you will see them perched high above on the light poles. The best view of the Swan River pelicans is from Canning bridge. I often wonder if they each have their own special light pole or whether it is just first there?

The Swan River pelicans are  predominately white with black wings and an enormous pale pink bill. In fact the Australian pelican has the largest bill of any bird. They weigh between 4.5 – 8 kg and love working in groups to drive fish to shallow water. .

Though they predominantly feed on fish, these large birds have been known to eat gulls and other small birds by drowning them. Yes and on the rare occasions they have swallowed small dogs. Insects, yabbies, frogs and reptiles aren’t safe either.

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