Maylands to East Perth Walk

The Maylands to East Perth Bicycle and Walk path is a great way to spend a few hours. The path runs along Whatley Cresent all the way to East Perth Cove where you can sit back and relax and have a drink, meal or cappucino. The track branches off to other interesting areas you may feel like taking too.

Meltham Station

The best place to start your bike or hike journey is the Meltham Railway station. Mainly because you have a nice down hill start. The Meltham station was orginally built as a signal box the station was later built in 1948. The station is one of the few stations on the Perth to Midland line which still remains in its orignal form.

Remember to check for traffic at the crossing, it is the only road you will have to cross on your journey to East Perth.

Salkirk Foundry

From the station head down the hill towards Perth. As you come to the railway crossing on the corner of Macedonia Avenue and Railway Parade look to your left and you will notice the Salkirk Estate. This was the location of Mephan Ferguson's Salkirk Foundry which was responsible for building the pipes for the C.Y. O'Connor Goldfields Pipeline.


You will be approaching some interesting old buildings on the left. Ivyforado the bright green shop sells curios, antiques and a lot more. It is a great place to browse and Annette and Vivian are more than happy to have a chat.

What A Facade

A little further down, on your left, are a series of shops with quite interesting facades and date back to ???

Maylands Station House

As you approach the Maylands Railway station you will notice the old parcel building on the left. This is all that remains of the original Maylands Station and is now under the protective care of the National Trust of Western Australia.

Peninsula Hotel

One of my favourite buildings in Maylands is the Peninsula Hotel which you can just see over the railway line on the right. The Peninsula hotel was built in .... and features a dome. If you look atop the dome you will find a dragon weather vane.

Maylands Bridge

The next point of interest is the Maylands Bridge which was built in ??. The opening of the bridge was marred by an unfortunate incident. As you walk or ride under the bridge you will notice the original timber beams are slowly being replaced by steel beams. It is still one of the most bumpy and rickety old bridges to drive your car over, in Perth.

Maylands Blind Institute

On the left, just past the bridge, is the Blind Institute where many blind were educated and also employed . The factories closed recently and is now the ........ .Interestingly Hellen Keller visited this building in *** on her visit to Perth.

City Skyline

As you approach the Mt Lawley Train Station, you will get a great view of the City with the R&I tower dominating the skyline . The R&I tower was synonymous with the Rothwells collapse.

Mt Lawley Underpass

Down the rather bumpy hill you will ride over the Mt Lawley underpass high above the traffic.

East Perth Train Station

The East Perth train station is to your right. I still think it is one of the ugliest stations ever built in Perth. The station handles all the interstate rail travel and if you are lucky you may even spot the Indian Pacific or the Ghan at the station. The building has just been listed as a heritage building

Graham Farmer Freeway

Just past the station on your left are the Graham Farmer freeway entrances and exits, fortunately you bypass all the chaos. The path will soon come to a t- Junction. Decisions, decisions ! Okay right will take you on a different journey but left will take you to the cove.

Under the tunnel

Go through the tunnel and head along the freeway until you come to the East Perth Power Station on your left. The Station is presently under re-development.

Windan Bridge

If you continue straight along the path you will find yourself crossing over the Windan Bridge heading to Belmont. It is worth a little detour just for the experience. You actually go on the bridge a tier down from the main traffic. You get a fantastic view of the Swan River and the Power Station. Over the bridge is the Belmont Race Course, Burswood Golf Course and the Casino. However for this trip we are still on a mission for a coffee and a sit down so take the path left and head down to the river.

You Have Reached the River

Again decisions decisions another t-jucntion. Turn right and follow the beautiful gum trees along the river. This is the most scenic part of the trip. Just before the going under the Windan bridge you will see a large stone with a plaque commemorating the Windan People.

Urban Art

Follow the river until you come to a junction if you venture to the right path this will take you to a series of scupltures made from industrial scraps found around the area. East Perth has many pieces of Urban Art displayed in the area.

Keep to Your Left

The track will lead you back to the river front. Remember to stay to the left of the path as the area will begin to get populated with pedestrians, children and cyclists. If you are on foot keep and ear out for the bicycle ring. This is a curtesy that cyclists do to let you know they are behind you. Just keep to your left and they will pass around you. Whatever you do don't try jumping out of the way.

River Markers

You will notice a line of decorated marker posts to your right. They indicate where the riverfront use to be. Each marker has a plate with a written piece of local history. You will soon come to a childrens playground (we are nearly there). Stay close to the river path and you will pass the swirly black scultpure which has a poem embedded in it.

East Perth Cove

If you take the path to the left you will suddenly find yourself at the entrance of the cove. Be careful if you are on a bike as there isn't much space to manouveure. The path leads you around into the cove past small boat pens and the exclusive restaurant Lamonts. You have arrived. Continue following the path and you will be able to cross over to the coffee shops via a bridge at the far end. I think it's time for a sit down.

Beyond the Cove

If you want to continue your walk there are still some interesting things to see. Follow the cove around and you will discover the fantastic mural created by local aboriginal artist..... Further along