Maylands Station House

Maylands Station House, Maylands, Western Australia The Maylands Station House is located on Whatley Crescent, Maylands in Western Australia. Part of the Eastern Railway , the Maylands Station was built as a result of the success of the Ferguson Foundry (Ferguson Pipe Factory) and was established to incorporate a branch line to the factory. The station was originally to be called Falkirk Station after the "Falkirk Siding" situated near Ferguson's Foundry near Caledonian Avenue.

The Falkirk Siding was constructed in 1899 for Mephan Ferguson who had been awarded the contract to supply half the seamless pipes for C.Y. O'Connor's Goldfields Water Supply Scheme. Ferguson bought land along the railway line and built a highly mechanised foundry employing over 50 workers. He named the area "Falkirk Siding" after his hometown in Scotland. However, when the new railway station was approved by WAGR in 1899, it was given the name Maylands Railway Station to avoid confusion with the Falkirk yard. Maylands Station House, Maylands, Western Australia The Maylands Station House was designed by PWD (Public Works Department) and built by A. Davenport. The original plans were issued under the authority of the Chief Civil Engineer of Western Australian Railways, C.Y.O'Connor . The design was to be a single storey, solid brick structure in Federation Free Classical style. The station was officially opened on the 1st of February, 1900. Tickets were sold at the station and the parcel office operated like a post office. During the 1920's -30's the Maylands railway yards were extremely busy with the transport of raw materials and products coming to and from the area. This was due to the boom of local factories such as the Albany Bell Confectionary Company , the Maylands Brickworks and the Institute for the Blind.

The old station house was closed on the 1st of July 1982 and a new station opened on the 1st August, 2001. If you visit the site you will find a plaque supplied by the Maylands Historical Society listing all the Station Masters who had worked there.

The Maylands station is the oldest remaining station between Perth and Midland.

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