Lake Bungana

Lake Bungana, Maylands, Western Australia Lake Bungana and Lake Brearly in Maylands , Western Australia were both named in honour of the Maylands Aerodrome, which was once located nearby. Lake Bungana was named in honour of one of the planes, "The Bungana", which flew the Perth to Adelaide route. Lake Brearly was named in honour of Sir Norman Brearley who was the first person to run an airline from the Maylands Aerodrome.


Lake Bungana, Maylands, Western Australia Lake Bunga was developed in conjunction with Maylands Peninsula Estate and is located on Peninsula Road on the site of one of the Maylands Brickworks clay pits. In fact the pit was turned into the lake which is now the centre piece of the Lake Bungana Peninsula Estate. If you look closely into the lake waters you can see a stray brick or two lying just under the surface, evidence of the area's brick making past.

Lake Bungana, Maylands, Western AustraliaToday the lake provides the ideal setting for family picnics and weddings. The park surrounding the lake features a two storey gazebo, play ground, picnic tables and landscaped gardens. The park and lake provides a welcome sanctuary for bird life which wander in from the hustle and bustle of the Swan River , just a little flight away. You can also walk through from the park to the Old Maylands Brickworks or a little further on to the Maylands Peninsula 18 hole golf course.

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