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Inglewood, Western Australia In the early years, Inglewood, was regarded as part of the Maylands district. However, during the gold boom of the 1890's, 525 acres was purchased by an English company (Gold Estates of Australia ltd), who proceed to subdivide the section known as the Avenues, on either side of Beaufort Street. The name "Inglewood estate" was given to the subdivision by EW Hammer in 1895, though it was often referred to as 'Pommy Town'. The origin of the name is uncertain it is believed it was named after Inglewood, in California or more likely a Norwegian barque (ship) which berthed in Fremantle, in the 1890's.The greatest problem with the expansion of the area was transport. At the time of development, the Beaufort Street tramway ended at Walcott Street, in Mt Lawley . The only public transport in the area was Maylands Railway Station , a considerable distance from Inglewood. However with the development of the area the tramway extended into Inglewood and the area boomed.

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The post code for Inglewood is 6052.

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