Hay Street Architecture

Hay Street architecture in Perth, Western Australia, is a blend of old and new. Hay Street is the main shopping street in the city and was named in honour of Robert William Hay, who was the Under Secretary for the Colonies in the 1830's. The street was established, along with St George's Terrace and Murray Street, as one of the main streets of Perth, from the time of settlement in 1829. During the 1970's, a section of Hay Street was closed and that section became known as the Hay Street Mall.

Melbourne Hotel


Melbourne Hotel, Corner Hay & Milligan Street, Perth, Western Australia

The Melbourne Hotel is located on the corner of Hay and Milligan Streets. Built in 1896, in Federation Filigree style, the three storey hotel features a mixture of timber and iron decoration parapet with classical motifs.

The Reading Buildings

929 Hay St, Reading Building, Perth, Western Australia

The Read Building is located at 929 Hay Street. The two storey, Federation Free Classical style building, was built in 1895 and features a brick facade, unpainted stucco decoration, arched windows, decorative pediment and colonnaded parapet.

The Mortlock Brothers Building

914 Hay St, Mortlock Brothers Building, Perth, Western Australia

The Mortlock Brothers Building is located at 914 Hay Street. Established in 1896, the three storey commercial premises was built in Federation Free Classical style. The building was originally a motorcycle showroom. It features rendered spandrell which emphasises the wall plane between storeys. The roof is concealed by a parapet and pediment.

Bank of New South Wales

899-901 Hay St, Bank of New South Wales, Perth, Western Australia

The former Bank of New South Wales is located at 899-901 in Hay Street. The commercial building was constructed in 1935 and represents Inter-war Free Classical style.

The Dynon's China Hall Building


Dynon China Building, Hay Street,Perth, Western Australia

The Dynon's China Hall Building is located on Hay Street and is now part of the Stamford Hotel Development project. The facade is all that remains of the Dynon's China Hall Building which was built in Inter- War Free Classical style. The two storey commercial building features battlement parapet and decorative pediments with the facade adorned with 'Greek Style' pilasters, rustication and prominent classical cornice.

Butterworth Buildings


886 Hay St, Butterworth Buildings, Perth, Western Australia

The Butterworth Buildings are located at 886 Hay Street . The two storey symmetrical building was built in Inter-War Free Classical style. The building features a battlement parapet and decorative pediment. The facade features strongly modelled arched windows with fanlights and pilasters.

Durham House


838-842 Hay St, Durham House, Perth, Western Australia

Durham House is located at 838-842 Hay Street . Durham House was built in 1916 by owner builder W. Leaster and design by architect W.A. Nelson. The building was extended in 1924. Federation Free Classical architectural style.

His Majesty's Theatre

His Majesty's Theatre, corner Hay and King Street, Perth, Western Australia

His Majesty's Theatre is located on the corner of King and Hay Street in Perth and was built for Thomas G Molloy in 1902. Molloy was a Perth businessman (real estate) and one-time Lord Mayor of Perth. The theatre was named after the reigning British monarch of the time, King Edward VII. Click for more information about His Majesty's Theatre.

Harper 's Buildings


810-824 Hay St, Harper's Building, Perth, Western Australia

The Harper's Buildings are located at 810-824 Hay Street. The Harper's Buildings were constructed in 1937 and remain a fine example of Inter-war Functionalist & Art Deco architecture. The two storey buildings which included a warehouse were built from brick, concrete and iron. The building housed the first branch of Yalumba Wines and had a tasting room in the basement. The buildings were constructed by Nathaniel Harper who was a prominent mining entrepreneur in Western Australia. The building was designed by architect Edwin Summerhayes. The warehouse section was damaged by fire in 1977.

The A.W.Dobbie & Co Building


804-808 Hay St, A.W. Dobbie Building, Perth, Western Australia

The A.W.Dobbie & Co building is located at 804-808 Hay Street. The building was constructed in 1904 and was designed by architects Oldham & Fox. The symmetrical building features a Venetian Gothic stucco facade adorned with pilasters (having decorative details), prominent pediment, battlement parapet and pointed arched windows with fanlights.

Town Hall

Perth Town Hall, Corner of Hay & Barracks Street

The Perth Town Hall is located on the corner of Hay Street and Barracks Street. The Town Hall began construction in 1867 with the foundation stone being laid by Governor Hampton and was completed in 1870. Built by convicts, it is one of Perth's oldest buildings and is a mix design of Gothic Revival and French inspiration and features gothic style brick arches. The architects were Richard Roach Jewell & James Manning. the tower bells were designed to raise the alarm in the event of a fire in the city and the four sided clock was to provide the public with a time keeping service.

Canton Restaurant - No 532

532 Hay St, Canton Restaurant, Perth, Western Australia

Wood's Building

Woods Building, Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia


Criterion Hotel - No 560

560 Hay St, Criterion Hotel, Perth, Western Australia

Clarence House

Clarence House , Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia


Perth, Western Australia
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