Architecture of Mt Lawley

The architecture of Mt Lawley still reflects the area's prosperous past when in 1902 Beaufort Street became a main thoroughfare, thanks to the tramline from Barrack Street Jetty to Walcott Street. Today the suburb still has a rich mix of old, modern, residential and commercial buildings .

Beaufort Street

Alexander Buildings

Architecture of Mt Lawley, Alexander Buildings, Mt Lawley, Perth, Western Australia

The Alexander Buildings, located on the corner of Beaufort and Walcott Street, was constructed in 1911 by Simon Alexander with a Federation style facade and was originally known as the Broadway Building. In 1938 Simon's son, John, redesigned the building in an Interwar Art Deco style and renamed it the Alexander Buildings. The building was once occupied by Arnold's Pharmacy, Wasley's Paint and Hardware, Kylie's Confectioners and Whitworth's Drapers. The Buffalo Lodge was out the back where the carpark is now . Another "drinking salon" was located next to the building which is now the Flying Scotsman pub.

Beaucott Buildings

Architecture of Mt Lawley, Beaucott Building, Mt Lawley, Perth, Western Australia

The Beaucott Buildings, located on the intersection of Beaufort and Walcott street, originally started out as a single storey shop built in 1905. In 1937 the building was redesigned to become a two storey Art Deco style shop and residential complex.

Astor Theatre

Architecture of Mt Lawley, Astor Theatre, Mt Lawley, Perth Western Australia

The Astor Theatre was originally known as the Lyceum and included shops, theatre and picture garden. The building complex was built by Simon Bremner Alexander in 1911. Its name was later changed by Alexander's wife in honour of the Astor Theatre in Townsville where she grew up.

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