All Aboard The Perth Camel Train


Today I thought I was seeing an apparition. Two camels strolling along the Perth foreshore. They looked like they didn’t have a care in the world. Get excited Perth, we will soon be able to take a camel ride along the Swan River. These two beautiful creatures were getting acclimatized to the city life. They were originally part of a feral mob up north but have now been trained and are getting ready for a new exciting life.

I walked along side them for little while and they were very well behaved. Their minders were very attentive to their needs , which included a nice juicy carrot.

I really hope this will be a success. Camels are such  unique creatures and played a very important role in our State’s history. Plus, it’s just cool seeing a camel in the city!

Camel minders

Camels in Western Australia

Between 1840 and 1907 nearly 20,000 dromedary camels (the one humpers) were imported to Australia. Many ended up in Western Australia, where they were used primarily for transportation into the State’s remote goldfields. They were a perfect solution to the harsh dry environment as they could survive for long periods without water. Towns like Carnarvon and Coolgardie still have the extra wide main streets which were built to accommodate the camel trains.

When transportation improved the need for camels became less and less. By the 1930s the camels were either culled or released into the wild. Today over two thirds of the wild camels in Australia have been culled due to their destructive ways. Western Australia has the largest herd of feral camels in the world and have now been declared a pest.

Hopefully the high demand for camel milk and its by products will create a thriving new industry in WA.

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